How to Start Your Own ISP ?

If you hate your Internet Service Provider (ISPs), you’re definitely not alone.

Not only are ISPs among the worst-rated companies when it comes to customer service, but they’re also often guilty of deliberate misdeeds like slowing your service and giving away your personal data. As Jordan Spencer Cunningham of put it, “All ISPs are evil. Finding the least evil ISP is the trick.”

Unfortunately, many areas don’t have a lot of options when it comes to picking and choosing your ISP. That’s because the required infrastructure and local regulations create natural monopolies, and often act as a barrier to competitors. Some say that the resulting lack of consumer choice is why ISPs get such bad ratings. They just don’t put in the effort to provide a good service because they know their customers have nowhere else to go if the want to go online.

But consumers are becoming more and more determined to uncover alternatives — and even create their own.

You’ve probably heard of Google Fiber, which can offer speeds up to 100 times the speed of basic broadband. But at the moment, the service is only available in a handle of cities across the United States. While Google does have plans to expand the service, there’s no telling exactly how long it will take before it comes to your area.

Some towns are taking hold of the reins for themselves, passing laws to build their own broadband infrastructure so they can get high-speed internet without having to deal with the big ISPs and their slow speeds, bad customer service, and high prices.

If you’re determined to escape from your local big ISP and start your own service, it is possible, and you’re not the only one. You don’t necessarily have to own a big company or have access to millions in funding to start your own ISP — these two entrepreneurial brothers, for example, started one on a rooftop in Brooklyn.

Want to escape your local ISP? Take a look at the guide below to get an idea of exactly what’s involved and how to get started.